The Boeing Company's latest aircraft, the 787-4, just went on a very long journey that criss-crossed much of the country's mid-section. Yes it was an 18 hour test flight for two brand-new Rolls Royce engines, but it also appears to be some next-level marketing. The plane left from Boeing Field in Everett, Washington shortly after 3pm yesterday and landed this morning just after 9am.

What it left behind was a massive outline of a Boeing 787 that stretches from the Great Lakes all the way to the Texas/Mexico border...wing-tip to wing-tip.The nose of the plane in Wyoming with the tail section in Tennessee. The move is Boeing's latest effort to differentiate itself from European rival Airbus. Boeing has long been viewed as our "hometown" aircraft manufacturer as it's the largest company to build aircraft in the United States. In total, the route flew over 17 states.

For the Boeing marketing and the many test flight engineers, we say JOB WELL DONE.



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