UPDATE--Thursday, July 29, 2021: KPEL's unofficial mascot has a new home.

The station kitty, named "Dr. Joy Brown" by its staff, was adopted by one of Bernadette Lee's friends. We also found out that "Dr. Joy Brown" is in her second trimester and will be giving birth to her kittens in just a few weeks.

Special thanks to Gail from Complete Home Health for helping us wrangle our feline friend to make sure she could go to the vet and to her new home.

If you or someone you know recently lost a cat, take a look at this.

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On Monday, a stray cat popped up at our studio on Bertrand Drive near Eraste Landry Road. She darted out of some bushes and hid under one of the station vehicles. After one of our on-air personalities made a literal cat call, the kitty slowly emerged and claimed a couple of us as her humans. We fed her, and she eventually ran away.

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On Tuesday, she was guarding our back door when we arrived at the station. We fed her again, and since then, she's been hanging out on our back porch. She's been taking advantage of the place mat as her personal scratching pad. She's also been chilling under the shade of some of the trees in our back yard.

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The cat has no collar. Based on how comfortable she is around the people in our building, we think she is indeed someone's pet. She appears to be healthy. She also appears to be pregnant.

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If you know who this cat belongs to, send us a message through our mobile app or call 337-233-6000.

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