The Associated Press, that bastion of world-wide news reporting has been assimilated by the politically correct cult.  The AP issued a statement that they will no longer use the term 'illegal immigrant' because it is 'dehumanizing'.  I thought it was bad enough when members of the Obama Administration said we should call the illegals 'undocumented'.

As a documented resident of the United States I consider myself to be a legal citizen.  I consider people who have entered this country legally and maybe pursued citizenship as being legal.  Anybody else is illegal.  Simple as that.  The AP says some people claim it is dehumanizing to call illegals, "illegal" but I think it is correct to call them what they are.

Makes me wonder what the AP will call refuges who have left their country due to war?  Maybe impoverished tourists?

When one of the oldest, most respected news organizations in the world bows to political correctness in this manner it makes me sick to my stomach.

I haven't seen any suggestions from the AP about what "illegals" will be called in future writing.  Maybe as Jay Leno suggested they will be called 'future Democratic voters'.  I think our friend Fox News Commentator Todd Starnes has the correct term 'invaders'.

It really is a shame that the Associated Press style book is used to train journalists and now we'll have generations of budding writers who will not be able to use the word 'illegal'.  When I first got into broadcasting the only words we had to worry about were the eight words George Carlin joked about and the FCC forbade us to even think in the control room.

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