There is no doubt about it, in the state of Texas we work hard and play hard. And for many adults across the state of Texas playing hard involves cracking open an ice-cold beer or chilled glass of wine. While most adults can handle the responsibility of drinking alcohol, there are always a few that cannot follow the laws and make things difficult for everyone else.  

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In Tennessee recently there has been a debate on whether banning the sale of cold alcoholic beverages might help lower the number of drivers on the road consuming alcohol. It seems like the idea isn’t going to move forward at this time but it has brought up a good question. Do you think that banning the sale of cold alcoholic beverages would make roads in Texas safer for everyone? 

We Know that Drinking and Driving is a Problem in Texas 

We hear about DWI crashes and accidents far too often in the state of Texas. Unfortunately, even with the access to ride sharing apps like Uber or Lyft there are still people that decide it’s okay to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.  

Would You Support Banning the Sale of Cold Alcoholic Beverages in Texas? 

Just my opinion, I think that people that want to drink and drive are going to find a way to do it whether they are sold a cold beverage or not. I don’t think banning the sale of cold alcoholic drinks will make people stop making bad decisions. Although if it can save even one life, it’s worth having a conversation about keeping Texans safe on the road.  

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