We've got a ton of trucks out on the road in Texas, but you might be surprised to learn they aren't the most popular vehicle in the state. Can you guess what is?

Check out the top 8 most popular vehicles in Texas according to a study last year by HouseGrail in the gallery below:

These Are The Top 8 Most Popular Vehicles in Texas

You've probably owned at least one of these...

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I drove a Toyota Camry back in 2010. It was honestly the nicest car I've ever had, and when I got it, it was already 10 years old. When it was first offered to me by my parents, I didn't want to drive it. I thought it looked like a grandma's car and I was super embarrassed for some reason. A few years later, I didn't have a car, and finally gave the old Camry a shot when I didn't have any other options. I immediately fell in love with it and I was SO MAD at myself for not driving sooner. It was a great car. Camrys aren't just the most popular car in Texas, but they are also the most popular vehicle in the entire United States. After driving one, I absolutely understand why.

Now that I'm thinking about it, it might be time for another one...

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