SHREVEPORT, LA – Is it too soon to start thinking about Valentine’s Day? Maybe it is as we celebrate Christmas and the New Year. But in just a few weeks, you will start to see stories about Valentine’s Day.

Wedding Stats in U.S.

A new report shows we have hit record numbers of weddings in the U.S. with more than 2.5 million couples getting hitched in 2022. We will probably be close to that number for 2023. The average price tag for a wedding and reception is now at about $30,000 for the ceremony and reception. The average amount spent on a honeymoon tops the $5,000 mark.

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Where Are People Going on Honeymoons?

The beach is a top destination for most newlyweds. Honeymoon Goals reports 99% of couples will take a honeymoon after their wedding. Hawaii is the top destination for many couples.


Romance Is in the Air

Travel tracker Fast Company predicts many folks will be staying closer to home for romantic getaways during the new year. This will be a change from international travel. Many vacationers are also expected to opt for a week in just one city rather than tours with multiple stops.

For romantic getaways, a majority of couples will opt for stays in luxury hotels with special romantic dining included in the budget for the trip. has put together a list of the most romantic destinations in each state. The Louisiana winner is no surprise.

New Orleans Marks 300th Anniversary Of Its Founding
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Louisiana – New Orleans

Best Honeymoon Hotel: Hotel Monteleone
Intimate Restaurant: Commander’s Palace
Most Romantic Activity: French Quarter Carriage Ride

Texas – San Antonio

Best Honeymoon Hotel: Hotel Emma
Intimate Restaurant: Bliss
Most Romantic Activity: River Walk

How Were Winners Chosen?

Scenic beauty, available activities, dining options, luxury hotels and a comfortable climate were just a few of the items taken into consideration for the final choices.

Click here to see the top spot in every state.

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