Bars often devise their dress code policies, and soon they could raise their minimum drinking age.

Some bars only allow those 21+ to enter because that is the legal drinking age in Louisiana. Well, one bar in Ohio has upped their minimum drinking age on weekends and now I ask, will bars here do likewise?

Donerick’s Pub in Groveport, Ohio announced its new weekend drinking policy on social media and there will be NO exceptions to their new policy.

According to the viral social media post, patrons 30+ will be served drinks and no one under the age of 30 will be allowed to drink in the establishment on weekends.


The bar did not say why they've elected to adopt this weekend policy, but they did note in their social media post, "We will try different methods to keep the violence down. It will not be tolerated.”

Of course, there are mixed feelings over this policy, but many even suggested raising the policy to 35 years old, while others suggested improving the type of music played in the venue.

With some local bars having issues in the area, do you think bars and venues will consider adopting such a policy on weekends? Those bars and venues with 21+ policies here often say they've elected to restrict younger folks in their bars to avoid issues within them.

Here's the social media post from the venue in Ohio and it implies that they too are tired of dealing with issues from some that may be in the younger demographic.


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