Some in Lafayette, Louisiana may have noticed a decorative heart on their vehicle, and here's why they are there.

Sometimes things will show up on your vehicle and you're unaware as to how it got there, but when it comes to the colorful hearts out there, we know why they showed up on some vehicles.

Thousands of people came together this past weekend in Downtown Lafayette for Festival International and one parking lot marked vehicles that paid for their spot.

The choice of marking was a colorful heart on the back window and I love that they chose to mark paid vehicles with a heart. It's as if they were sharing their love during the festival.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

As for those who elected not to pay or allowed their time to run out and not pay for more time while in the parking lot, well they were not greeted with a colorful heart, but rather they were greeted with a boot on their vehicle.

So, if you happen to see a heart on the back of someone's vehicle that is just a marking that they paid to park in a certain lot in Downtown Lafayette for the festival.

Sorry conspiracy theorist, there's nothing more to it.


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