Many of us in Louisiana are looking forward to a beach trip this summer, but after recent shark attacks along the Gulf Coast, we need to be aware of a few things.

Sure, we all know that sharks live in the water, but after three separate shark attacks, many are on edge and have trips planned to the beach.

As we've mentioned in previous stories here, you should always be aware of your surroundings when on the beach and while in the water, but you should also be aware of something else before even stepping foot on the beach.

Each day flags are flown on the beach and each color has its important meaning or message.

After the recent shark attacks, some beaches are flying purple flags which means that dangerous marine life may be present in the water. Under perfect conditions, you will notice the green flag flying, and under dangerous water conditions red flags are flown at the beach.

At times you may see the yellow flag flying and that is a reminder to be cautious while out as conditions are not favorable at the time.

Beachgoers need to be aware of the conditions in the water each day and by paying attention to the color of the flags on the beach you can keep you and your family safe while on the beach.

Take a look at a few videos on social media that show large sharks in the water and very close to shore along the Gulf Coast.

Again, this is not to scare you, more than it is to remind you that there are some dangerous elements to the beach and that you should always have your guard up while in the water.


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