A South Louisiana Chick-fil-A restaurant is hosting a summer camp for kids and some on social media are questioning the camp.

The Chick-fil-A restaurant in Hammond, Louisiana is offering parents to sign their kids up for a camp that they are hosting two sessions from July 15-17 and July 22-24.

Kids who attend the camp, for $35, will learn what it is like to work for the brand, they'll get a T-shirt, name tag, and lunch. The camp at the Hammond restaurant is from 9 am to noon.

There were only a limited number of spaces available for the camp at Chick-fil-A, thus the restaurant was encouraging parents to sign their kids up quickly if interested. And they did because the camp is SOLD OUT.

Now, let's get to the controversy that some are noting on social media.

Some say the "camp' violates child labor laws, while others say the restaurant should not charge people to "train" potential future workers for the brand.

Keep in mind, that the camp is only open to those between the ages of five and 12 years old.

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Others who are critical of the camp in Hammond, LA are saying things like this one person, "Please just take your kids to the park and spend those $35 on water balloons and nerf idk,"

We will note here that while some oppose this camp being offered others on social media see nothing wrong with the camp being offered at the restaurant and some were even sad to see that it was sold out before they could sign their kids up for it.

While this may not be a national program offered by Chick-fil-A it appears that another restaurant in New Orleans is offering its own camp for kids this summer.


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