Let us introduce some of you to Opelousas, Louisiana native Keon Coleman.

Keon, who was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the recent NFL draft, was formally introduced to the media in Buffalo, New York and they have fallen in love with his Southern charm

Prior to starting the introductory presser, Coleman was asked about the jacket he had on and that is when everyone got to see the hilarious side of this young man. He informed the person asking about his jacket that he got it while it was on sale, at Macy's.

The Louisiana native explained that he shops like his mom does and that he often purchases clothes in advance of the seasons, while clothes are on sale.

While entertaining, it is also a very smart tactic when it comes to saving money and this young man should be just fine as he is about to make a lot of money in the NFL.

He would go on to ask if the microphone was one and seemed ready to take questions after explaining how he shops.

Check out the interview that has taken social media by storm. Coleman attended Opelousas Catholic while in high school and he finished his college football career by playing for the Florida State Seminoles.

Now, it didn't stop there. Coleman noticed that there were snacks to the side, for those in the media, and he asked if he could have some.

When he was informed that he could have snacks there, he made his way over to the table and shared a cookie with someone. It is safe to assume that the media will enjoy covering this young man's NFL career.


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