QR Codes are everywhere these days and folks in Louisiana and Texas need to be aware of the latest scam involving these quick payment or information-gathering methods.

The scam involving QR Codes is called squishing.

The QR codes come in the form of a box much like what you see here and are often used for payment. Unfortunately, these codes or boxes are being manipulated and scammers use them to access your information or finances.


To protect yourself from being scammed by a QR Code you need to keep the following in mind, before scanning the box with your phone:

  • Never use a public QR code to send money unless you know with certainty the code is legitimate
  • Remember that QR codes can be tampered with, so watch for stickers over QR codes on posters, flyers, and other signage
  • Fake codes often lead to an official-looking site that wants your credit card information, so watch for warning signs
  • It’s better to enter a URL and make payments straight through the website
  • Some QR codes have been designed to lead you to a malicious website that steals your personal information
  • Be wary of QR codes that appeal to your emotions by making you feel like a matter is urgent
  • Poor grammar on a site you’ve connected with via QR code is an indication that something is wrong

Remember, QR Codes are everywhere these days and you need to slow down and evaluate them before you scan them. And yes, that includes places like parking meters, on menus, at bars, in your mailbox, etc.

Like with other scams, if the "deal" feels too good to be true, follow your instincts and do not scan a code. Scammers are known to exaggerate the truth and they will entice you with deals that seem so promising.

There's so much more to learn about QR Code scams and you can read more by visiting the Social Security Administration.

We hope this helps you protect yourself from falling victim and encourage you to share this information with others on social media so that they do not fall victim.


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