A local videographer needs you to locate or identify the family of an elderly woman in a video from years ago.

Judy Johnson recently told me that she had footage of The Molly Ringwalds singing and dancing around an elderly woman, who was in a wheelchair.

The video was shot at the concert series "Rhythms on The River" years ago and she tells me that the elderly woman in the wheelchair has since passed. However, she wants to find the elderly woman's family so that they can see this video.

Judy Johnson
Judy Johnson

As you see below, the band members got off the stage in mid-performance to entertain this elderly woman and she seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

So, if you recognize this woman in the wheelchair and you know her family, forward this story to them and you can reach out to us and we'll get the woman's family in touch with Judy.

Here's the precious video from years ago at Rhytms on The River. Music can be such a beautiful thing and can be such a powerful tool for some.

Let's get to work Acadiana and let's find the family of this woman in the video below.


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