(Lafayette, Louisiana) - Buc-ee's stores and travel centers are hugely popular in whatever town they pop up in. The stores are known for their multitude of gas pumps and their extremely clean restrooms.

Their popularity has grown exponentially in the last decade alone, and when discussions were being held that Louisiana might get a store location on the I-10 corridor, the Buc-ee's excitement only grew. You can even get some of their products locally.

It seems like it is really going to happen for Lafayette. People are going to be watching closely for its development and the possibilities for jobs. Buc-ee's pays well according to glassdoor.com.

Buc-ee's is not just a place to stop for gas and a restroom break, it's also an experience. The large stores offer so many food options that if you can't find something delicious to eat then there is something wrong with you. They offer everything from pulled pork sandwiches to salads, fresh fruit, and tons of other food items in the middle.

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Buc-ee's is also a refuge for any family that needs not only a gas, food, and bathroom break but a break from the road. The stores are usually huge, which offers your entire family something to look at, take a break stretch your legs, and refresh yourself before you have to get back in the car.

It's a haven in a road-weary world. Tableonten.com has a comprehensive list of the foods, prices, and when they service various items.

One of the hallmarks of the Buc-ee's experience is how you are treated by the employees. They are kind and helpful with whatever you need or want in their stores.

Since the pay for Buc-ee's employees is so terrific, you must be a great employee and follow all of the rules in order to stay employed with the company.

You will need khaki pants and a red shirt with a color.

But, before you apply for a job with the company there are a few things you should be aware of when it comes to your appearance and attire. If you work at Buc-ee's you can't have the following:

  • Visible tattoos
  • Tongue Posts
  • Body Piercing
  • Unnatural Colored Hair
  • Torn or Faded Clothing
  • Open Toe Shoes

Will you still be hired if you have the above? You have to cover your visible tattoos, take out your tongue posts, and remove your body piercings while at work. It's a no for unnatural-colored hair, torn or faded clothing, and open-toe shoes.

Click on Careers for more information about applying to work at Buc-ee's

What will you get paid if you get a job at Buc-ee's in Lafayette?

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