When it comes to seasoning in Louisiana there isn't much a good Cajun seasoning can't do. It doesn't matter if the seasoning came from Opelousas, New Iberia, Youngsville, Cankton, Crowley, or Church Point, if it's got good Cajun ingredients it will help whatever dish you're making taste better to those hungry mouths you're trying to feed.

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And while those of us who call Louisiana home are well aware of the powers that a good Cajun seasoning has over our tastebuds, I have to admit I never knew the crime-fighting capabilities that Cajun seasoning can offer to our friends in law enforcement.

Oddly enough this story of Cajun seasoning's triumph over those who don't follow the "Real 10 Commandments" much less the "10 Commandments of Gumbo" takes place thousands of miles north of Louisiana. Here's what happened in Cambria Country Pennsylvania.

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WTAJ Television is the CBS affiliate that serves Cambria County and they are reporting a story that involves the arrest of 21-year-old Quasir Stephen. I don't think that is a Cajun name but we don't want to assume. What we know about Quasir is that he is facing a burglary charge, a disorderly conduct charge, and some drug-related charges all thanks to some Cajun seasoning.

Based on the published report on the WTAJ website, Stephen is alleged to have broken into the residence of an acquaintance. During his unauthorized time in the victim's dwelling he either spilled or stepped in some spilled Cajun seasoning that was on the dwelling's floor. That Cajun seasoning allowed investigators in Cumbria County to piece together an accurate footprint of the potential perpetrator.


Police suspected Stephen in the crime when he called the victim and told him that he had been in his apartment and had done some damage while he was there. Police then took their investigation to Stephen's home where they found shoes that matched the footprints found in the burglarized dwelling.

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While officers were making the arrest on the burglary charge they also found drugs and related paraphernalia so those charges were added to the growing list associated with Stephen's name. Please remember everyone is presumed innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law. Could this be the very first "conviction via Cajun seasoning", stay close we'll keep you updated.

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