This 4th of July as you're stepping up to the pit, are you cooking up traditional franks, or are you stepping up your game and throwing some "Round Hot Dogs" on the grill? Confused? You're not the only one, but is this an idea so crazy it just might work?

Are we asking too many questions?

Vincent Keiman via
Vincent Keiman via

Rastelli's Meats has released their "Round Hot Dog" on the suspecting public in an effort to reinvent the way we enjoy hot dogs.

Hot dogs are already round though, right?

Rastelli's Round Hot Dogs

The good people at Rastelli's have taken the boring old traditional frankfurter and turned it into a patty that you cook and eat like a hamburger.

That's right, "Round Hot Dogs" are basically hot dog patties.

Is it blasphemy, or is it just good old fashioned American ingenuity?

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The hot dog has finally come 'round (we couldn't resist). Rastelli's rescues all those leftover burger buns with this hot idea: round hot dogs! With its genius patty shape, this juicy backyard barbecue classic is the new star of your grill (and an easy fit for any round bun). Bonus: Only one kind of bun fits all your grilling fun.


We were unaware this was something that we, the American public, have been looking for. Maybe the folks at Rastelli's are making dreams come true we just haven't dreamed yet.

We're all for innovation and pushing things forward, but we wonder if our brains would actually let us taste "hot dog" while eating it in this form?

Does a hot dog in any other form taste as hot dogish?



Honestly, looking at some of the pictures of the cooked "Round Hot Dogs" with the grill marks and all, they don't look half bad.

Throw a piece of cheese on it and we'd certainly give it a try.

The question the internet is asking is, isn't this really just a fancy bologna sandwich? The uncooked "Round Hot Dogs" certainly do look like thick, fancy slices of bologna.

Find out more about "Round Hot Dogs" with the QVC video below and over at


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