A new study revealed the five most sought-after jobs in Louisiana and the findings are a bit surprising.

The data was supplied by Class Central, an online courses aggregator.

The Methodology

Class Central looked at the average number of monthly Google searches for over 100 different job roles to figure out the most wanted careers in Louisiana.

“This research highlights the boundless possibilities that exist in the professional landscape, and it will hopefully inspire people to pursue the best career for them,” said Dhawal Shah, founder of Class Central.

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The Results in The Boot

The top spot in Louisiana went to the wonderful profession of phlebotomy. According to the study, the phlebotomy profession had an average monthly search volume of 4,473.

“People in this job role are responsible for drawing blood from patients or donors, earning just under $40,000 per year on average,” said Class Central.

Svitlana Hulko
Svitlana Hulko

Here's how the Top 5 in Louisiana shook out

According to the study, these are the top five most sought-after careers in Louisiana:

  1. Phlebotomist
  2. Flight attendant
  3. Welder
  4. Nurse
  5. Pharmacist

These results seem a bit surprising in our opinion, simply for #3.

Being a welder is a great profession, but don't they know how hot it is in Louisiana with a long-sleeve shirt on and pants and a welding helmet...oh, and a bazillion-degree mig welder in your hand?? (We kid, of course.)

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