Police in Texas have made an arrest that stemmed from an incident first reported in July of last year. The police report suggests the attack may have been prompted after the man learned that the woman was working at a strip club.

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According to reports from Texas television station WOAI the man in question, David Morin Jr is alleged to have broken into the woman's apartment in the wee hours of the morning. It is alleged that Morin broke into the woman's apartment after she ignored several phone calls from him earlier in the day.

Police reports indicate the woman was bitten on the nose which left her disfigured. He is also accused of choking her before biting and ripping off a piece of the woman's nose. According to Bexar County court records the attack occurred in July of 2023 but Morin was not arrested until January 26th of 2024.

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The charges that were made against Morin include Aggravated Assault causing Serious Bodily Injury. The judge in the case set bond for Morin at $75,000.

According to media reports Morin became angry after he discovered employment documents in the woman's apartment that suggested she had found work in a gentleman's club. The two had reportedly been dating since 2022 but broke up about two weeks before the alleged assault happened.

While the injuries sustained in this alleged assault are quite shocking, according to Hadassah's Hope, a website that covers incidents of sexual assault, sex trafficking, and sex industry statistics almost two-thirds of all women who work in or have worked in strip clubs have been the victim of sexual assault with one-third of those identifying as victims of sex trafficking.

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It was also noted that 95% of women who work in the sex industry have a history of child abuse. According to Hadassah's Hope, 95% of women in the commercial sex industry want to escape but feel they have no other means to survive.

The United States has more strip clubs than any other nation in the world and Texas has the most strip clubs of any state in the nation. It's estimated that the strip club industry in the United States earns an estimated revenue of over 7 billion dollars every year.

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