In the past few weeks, Louisiana has seen its fair share of severe thunderstorms and even a few tornados. Between the storms and the increased gator sightings across south Louisiana, it's safe to say Summer has officially arrived here in the boot.

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Locals have found gators under their vehicles, in ditches, and someone was walking around New Orleans with one on his shoulder. It seems like every day, we are getting word of another unusual gator sighting, which has some on edge.

If you plan on fishing or swimming in one of many Louisiana waterways this summer, you will want to hear what this fishing expert says.

Fishing 101 With The 337 Fishing Queen

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The 337 Fishing Queen posted a video in hopes that it would help answer a question she gets asked on a daily basis: "How do you know if there are gators in the water?". She says that people are always telling her that they want to go fishing with her, but they are deathly afraid of alligators.

Her YouTube channel features a variety of fishing content that aims to help people in Louisiana who enjoy fishing. Her viewers always learn something, but mostly, they get a good laugh. The 377 Fishing Queen is serious about fishing, but she doesn't take herself too seriously. So, even if you don't love fishing, you will love her content.

How To Know If There Are Gators In Louisiana Waters

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Pay close attention because The 337 Fishing Queen gives a foolproof method on how to determine if there are gators in the water nearby. She says, "I'm from Louisiana, baby; this is how you gon' find out if there are gators in the water, a little fishing 101 from me to you". She was over and bends down sticking her hand in the water.

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"If that water is wet, its got gators in it!"

There you have it, folks. If you don't want to encounter a gator, steer clear of any wet water in Louisiana.

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