In a viral TikTok video titled "This is genuinely unhinged," Linda Solley Hurd, owner of Adeline Clothing in Lafayette, Louisiana, has revealed an astonishing tale of 15 years of meticulous revenge against a man who wronged her friend during their college days.

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How did the 15-year-long grudge start?

Hurd, known for her successful clothing brand, took to TikTok to narrate the incident that sparked a long-lasting grudge. She recalled a night out with friends at a comedy show during her college years when one of her friends accidentally bumped her chair into the man behind her after the show ended causing his drink to spill on him.

We have all heard the expression 'Don't cry over spilled milk" Well, apparently, this guy hasn't. In response, the man spat on Hurd's friend, hurling derogatory insults at her.

"I'm screaming in this guy's face," Hurd explained in her video. "That's assault. You're disgusting. You're trash. And he calls me an ugly b—tch."

The Petty, and Perfectly Planned, Revenge Begins

Hurd decided not to forgive or forget. She embarked on a mission of revenge by tracking down the man's Facebook profile, discovering his passion for iconic TV shows like "Breaking Bad" and "The Walking Dead."

Hurd, feeling vengeful, devised a cunning plan. She created fake Facebook accounts to spoil episodes of both shows for him by sending direct messages with plot twists and spoilers. She knew that, as avid fans of the shows, they'd go to great lengths to avoid any spoilers.

For months, the man attempted to block each fake account Hurd created, but she persisted, relentlessly spoiling his television enjoyment. Eventually, Hurd decided to end her grudge against him.

However, their paths crossed again when the man turned out to be in the same political science class as Hurd. She described him as "devil's advocate for everything," harboring controversial opinions.

If you hurt Linda's bestie she might spoil your favorite TV shows—or your Engagement

Hurd managed to spot the man's Reddit account during a class presentation. She resumed her spoiling spree on the platform, but it didn't last long. Hurd took a break from her vengeful activities and didn't bother the man for almost a decade.

That all changed when a mutual Facebook friend announced her engagement to the man. Curiosity got the better of Hurd, and she decided to check if he was still using Reddit. To her surprise, Hurd discovered some disturbing content on the man's Reddit account, including pictures he claimed to be his fiancée, despite not being entirely truthful.

Concerned for the well-being of the man's then-fiancée, Hurd messaged her the unsettling Reddit posts. In response, the woman reportedly "broke off the engagement" and has since moved on, remarried, and started a family.

A Happy Ending, At Last, All Thanks to Linda

In her TikTok video, Hurd concluded with a positive note about the woman's current life, stating, "The last I checked, I saw her; she's got beautiful children and a thriving business and seems to have a happy marriage."

Linda Solley Hurd's TikTok story has taken the internet by storm, accumulating over 4.4 million views and sparking conversations about the nature of revenge, forgiveness, and moving on. Hurd's story serves as a cautionary tale of the lasting consequences of one night's impulsive actions.

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