Police are weighing in on multiple reports of a tiger on the loose in Houma.

The rumors began to spread on social media overnight after residents claimed to see a tiger or some type of large cat roaming around the downtown area of Houma.

Once word began to circulate, others posted about the alleged tiger on the loose causing digital mayhem for those in the area who were now on the lookout for this rogue animal.

Facebook groups began posting about this tiger, claiming that police were on the lookout near Maple Park subdivision.

Anyone up early (or late) stayed glued to social media for updates on this alleged tiger.

Hannah Richard posted the most detailed rumor that tied this storied Houma tiger to a circus that is supposedly slated to be in town this weekend. She even acknowledged that while many are posting about the tiger, it hasn't been photographed or spotted by anyone she knows; but still warned her followers to remain vigilant.

Speaking of the police, the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Department tells WDSU that "only one person" reported "what they believed to be" a tiger on the loose near Hollywood Road.

For what it's worth, the sheriff also told WDSU that there is no circus in town this weekend, but they are still working with animal organizations in regards to the report.

There's also the possibility that this "tiger" is actually just a "bobcat" based on this report from HTV.


Either way, let's hope that the only big cats in Houma are the ones that will be on television screens this weekend when LSU takes on Southern in Baton Rouge.

We'll update this story if any other information becomes available, but for now, this tiger tale is just a social media rumor.

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