A realistic velociraptor statue has become the talk of one Lafayette neighborhood, leaving local motorists in awe and bringing a touch of the Jurassic era to West Bayou Parkway.

The story began when Facebook user Jessica Ordoyne posted a captivating photo of the velociraptor statue, located on West Bayou Parkway at Brentwood Boulevard. She asked her followers, "Has anyone else ever noticed this gem on West Bayou Parkway?"

The image showcased the striking velociraptor statue in all its glory, standing proudly in a garden spot where one might typically expect to see a fountain or other types of landscaping. The lifelike representation of the ancient creature has people talking.

Social media erupted with enthusiastic comments from fans of the velociraptor, expressing their dino-love for this unique addition to their Lafayette commute. Comments poured in, with residents sharing their joy and admiration for the unexpected and humorous sight:

Kaila Strother Francis exclaimed, "Bruh that's not real life."
Hunter DeBlanc admitted, "my favorite thing to see each day."
Nicole Bringard shared, "Yes! Cracks me up every time I drive by."
Ian Mellington simply stated, "Love it."
Jordan Renee Miller chimed in, "Pass it daily."
Courtney Hernandez Faulk even shared a heartwarming memory, saying, "Yes, when I was pregnant and had to go to my doc all the time, we passed it and loved it!!!!"

Jessica Ordoyne, who posted the viral image, noted that she encounters the velociraptor daily during her travels and decided to stop and capture the humorous sight. The homeowner responsible for this creative installation has undoubtedly brought joy to the Lafayette community.

The velociraptor statue has become a decorative favorite, even outside the Halloween season, and has quickly gained popularity as Lafayette's favorite holiday season addition. As Thanksgiving approaches, residents are expressing their gratitude for this unexpected source of amusement.

In the spirit of the holiday, locals are jokingly wishing everyone a "Jurassic Thanksgiving" but with a lighthearted plea not to consider pairing the velociraptor with anything over rice.

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Gallery Credit: Katherine Gallagher

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