They say things are bigger in Texas. When it comes to prisons, they're also worse.

A new study by Money Inc. just listed the top 20 worst prisons in the United States of America and Texas made the list twice.

Granted, prison isn't supposed to be pleasant but it doesn't have to be inhumane either.

There are some crimes so heinous, the perpetrator deserves hellish conditions but, for the most part, being in prison in and of itself is enough punishment.

Being driven to suicide, deprived of basic human needs like decent food, water and medical treatment, (among other things), is too much though.

Money Inc rates prisons to bring these things to light and their most recent "worst of" list has 2 Texans prisons on it.

Texas is known for being hard on criminals and, personally, I'm ok with that.

Stripping people of their personal dignity, depriving them of basic needs, withholding medical treatment, etc isn't right though.

Complaints that got prisons, in and out of Texas, on the list also included ...

  • Keeping inmates in their cells up to 22 hours a day with no access to tv or visitors.
  • Not providing heat in the winter or A/C in the summer.
  • Attacks and rapes not addressed by, or sometimes committed by, jail staff.
  • Drinking water containing sewage.
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Which Texas Prisons Made The Money Inc. "Worst Of" List?

Reeves County Detention Complex in Pecos, Texas made one Texas prison on the list.

Overcrowding and understaffing were also strikes against RCDC.

They also made the Mother Jones worst prison list in 2013. That was, in part, due to multiple riots over the shoddy medical care which may resulted in at least one death.

The 2nd prison on the list came in at 2nd.

The Alan B. Polunsky Unit in Livingston, Texas took the #2 spot on the Money Inc. list and is considered ...

... the hardest place to serve time in Texas, and it has also been labeled one of the most lethal prisons in the democratic world.

It is not unusual for prisoners to attempt suicide rather than wait for the final day of their death sentence.  - Moneyinc

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