In response to reports of picketting and protests at funerals for victims of the Grand 16 shooting, Gov. Bobby Jindal wants law enforcement to preserve the peace as the families, and the community, grieve.

Jindal issued an executive order instructing law enforcement to enforce the law topreserve the peace in the days following the shooting, especially during the funerals of Mayci Breaux and Jillian Johnson.

Yesterday, a message on Twitter circulated from the Westboro Baptist Church stating intentions that members of the congregation may form picket lines at the Lafayette shooting victims' funerals. The message immediately inflamed members of the community who responded via social media, some prepared to protest the picketers.

Jindal's executive order instructs officers to keep anyone from disturbing the peace at, or near, either of the funerals. The order states:

"In times of grief and mourning, the rule of law is especially important to protect the rights of citizens when they are most vulnerable, and any effort to disrupt or interfere with a family’s ability to grieve following the loss of a loved one is a reprehensible act."




Westboro Baptist Church, Twitter shot
Westboro Baptist Church, Twitter shot

The Westboro Baptist Churh Congregation has picketed funerals for deceased members of the U.S. military because of what seems to be fundamental differences in religious principles.

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