U.S. Senator John Kennedy calls in from Washington, D.C. to the Moon Griffon Show to discuss his guest he's bringing to the State of the Union Address, what he believes the President will talk about, and issues affecting both the nation and Louisiana.


President Donald Trump will speak to the country tonight at 8 PM for his annual State of the Union address. It comes just after a contentious government shutdown centered on his demands for funding for additional physical border wall, a demand that ultimately was not met. Senator John Kennedy says he expects the President will touch on these three major questions.

“The crisis on the southern border, an update on his trade discussions, and my guess is the president will talk a bit about North Korea and where we are with our negotiations with Kim Jong Un.”

The speech will be made in the House of Representatives, a chamber that flipped to the Democrats in the midterm elections.

Kennedy says the speech won’t just be about struggles like immigration and trade, he anticipates the Commander in Chief will also highlight his economic policies.

“My guess is he will spend some time talking about some of our accomplishments. The economy is doing great. It’s not doing so well in Louisiana, but the reason for that is our state government.”

All Senators and Representatives get a plus one to bring to the big speech, so the Senator says he’s bringing a federal employee to thank them for their help.

“I am inviting a young lady by the name of Justina Pettway, Justina is one of the janitors that cleans my office at the state capitol, and she works hard.”

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