In this edition of “Wingin’ It Wednesday,” panelists Carol Ross and Warren Caudle tackle topics from House Republican leaders pulling a proposal that would gut its independent ethics panel after President-elect Donald Trump tweeted about it to John Kennedy being sworn in as 115th Congress convenes in Washington.

1. Trump v. GOP brass on the dismantling of Independent Ethics Commission. Is this the deepest divide within the Republican Party?

3. John Kennedy sworn in as 115th Congress convenes in Washington. Obamacare days are numbered. How soon will Republicans repeal?

2. Julian Assange says in new interview that he is 1000% percent sure leaks didn't come from Russia. Should WikiLeaks reveal sources?

3. Jack Montoucet tapped to lead LADWF. Same day, attorney Jay Suire announced he will run. What do you think the field will be like for this seat?

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