Tuesday in Washington D.C, John Kennedy will be sworn into the 115th Congress of the United States as Louisiana's newest Senator. The former state treasurer says he intends to hit the ground running.

"We'll be dealing with issues like flood control, flood relief for Louisiana," said Kennedy. "We'll be dealing with issues for America like tax reform and lowering taxes."
Kennedy says he doesn't think the new Congress and the new president are going to spend a lot of time talking and studying, but that the bills will start moving. He says you can bet a major topic will be how to go about getting rid of Obamacare.
"And I think we can replace it with something better," said Kennedy. "We need a healthcare delivery system in this country that looks like somebody designed the thing on purpose."
Kennedy says he feels the US Senate won't let the current federal health care system lapse without having something new to take its place. He says one of the biggest things he's going to try to do for Louisianians is get flood relief here quickly.
"Not just money to recover from the floods, but making sure things like flood insurance are still affordable," said Kennedy.