The Lafayette Parish School System employee who's use of a racist slur created an uproar has stepped down from her position.

Julia Colley retired from the school district on August 17, just days after she used the slur to refer to the Cameron Street area of Lafayette. Colley's retirement was listed as one of the district's personnel changes in the September 1 board meeting minutes. According to those minutes, Colley as an in-school suspension facilitator at Ossun Elementary.

Colley's comment came on a post about a back-to-school giveaway at a location in the 1900 block of Cameron Street--just a few blocks away from the Four Corners. Colley later scrubbed her profile from Facebook, but others saved a screencap of the comment before it could be deleted.

Facebook, Whatz Goin on in Acadiana
Facebook, Whatz Goin on in Acadiana

One day after Colley made this post, Lafayette Parish School System officials announced that they had learned about it and were investigating Colley.

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