Keith Lee, the TikTok sensation with 16.3 million followers, recently announced in a "Life Update" video that Baton Rouge is one of the cities he's considering for his next food tour. Of course, according to The Advocate, this news has local foodies buzzing with anticipation and offering up their favorite spots for him to visit, including Veganish Vives, Roul's Deli, Boudin Shack, and more.

Keith Lee is known for his car-based food reviews, where he meticulously rates each dish on a scale of 1 to 10. His honest and detailed reviews can catapult local businesses into the social media spotlight, as seen during his recent tour of New Orleans, where his reviews drastically increased the follower count and wait times at several establishments.

While we are thrilled that Keith is considering a return to Louisiana, a question arises: Is Baton Rouge the best choice for a foodie like Keith Lee, or should he consider Lafayette or another instead?

For good reason, New Orleans was ranked Keith's favorite food city of 2023. Its rich culinary landscape is unparalleled. However, if New Orleans holds the top spot in Keith's heart, Lafayette could offer an experience on par, if not better. Lafayette, the heart of Acadiana, is a melting pot of Cajun and Creole flavors, offering another unique and authentic taste of Louisiana.

Lafayette's vibrant food scene boasts everything from classic Cajun dishes like gumbo and boudin to innovative takes on Southern cuisine. With its deep-rooted culinary traditions and local favorites such as Laura's II, Olde Tyme Grocery, Johnson's Boucaniere, and so many others, Lafayette provides a concentrated taste of the cultural richness that defines Louisiana cuisine.

Moreover, Keith's mission to elevate small businesses aligns perfectly with Lafayette's community-driven food scene. The city, not to mention surrounding areas, is filled with family-owned restaurants and hidden gems that could greatly benefit from his spotlight. Lafayette's food culture, driven by passionate chefs and loyal patrons, offers a warmth and authenticity that perfectly matches Keith's approach to food criticism.

So, while we wait to hear Keith's decision and are grateful for his interest in Baton Rouge, we invite him to consider Lafayette. A visit to this city would satisfy his quest for outstanding food and introduce him to the heart of Cajun and Creole cuisine.

Keith, if New Orleans was your top city of 2023, then Lafayette and the Acadiana area are ready to give you an experience that's just as unforgettable, if not better. But we're just as happy to hear you are considering Baton Rouge or anywhere else in Louisiana, for that matter.

Safe travels and we'll see you (eventually) in the boot!

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