Sometimes Monday through Friday, 5:30-9:00am is not enough time to fit all the news in.  Here are a few stories that just didn't make it.

Even opponents of Benjamin Netanyahu have reason to fear Chuck Norris and now you can see why.

Just how loyal can one dog be?  One canine in Italy is proving loyalty above and beyond death.

Are we heading towards a ban on subways in some cities as we try to curb violence?  This woman was thrown onto the tracks so the crook could steal her phone!

It's amazing how a president ages in just four years.  Take a look at what's happened to President Barack Obama.

Can you lift a car with rubber bands?  If you are the guys of "Fast, Furious & Funny" you have to try.  Click here to read the story and scroll down the page to watch the video to see if they succeed.

Did Lance Armstrong cause his own cancer by doping?

Not ED but SD.  Subway Sandwiches "footlongs" aren't.