U.S. Senator John Kennedy says the 7-6 Bond Commission decision against allowing bids from banks who deny financing to certain gun manufacturers and sellers is a statement victory that will inspire similar efforts in other conservative states, and even Congress. Kennedy says the result has inspired gun rights leaders crafting their own plans for going after companies that push gun control.

“The second amendment won and I’m damn proud of the Louisiana Bond Commission. I can tell you this is going to go out nationwide, what our people have done, and we are going to take this fight to every state.”

Combined the two Banks hold 23 percent of the state's existing bonds. State Treasurer John Schroder, a commission member, says they will not be targeting those existing bonds for further retaliation.

The Senator sent a letter asking the commission to side against allowing Citibank and Bank of America to get the bid for 600 million dollars’ worth of infrastructure financing. Kennedy says he can’t say much at the moment, but he is planning on addressing corporate gun control efforts at the national level.

“I want to take this fight against Citi Group and bank of America to every state, and we're working on some federal legislation.”

The tight vote split between House and statewide Republican leaders who supported the ban, and the governor’s allies and the Senate who opposed it, with Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, potentially a pivotal vote, not in attendance. Kennedy says it shouldn’t have been such a tight vote.

“I was very disappointed that governor Edwards sided with Citi Group and against the people of Louisiana and the second amendment, but we won, and the social police lost.”

John Bel Edwards administration has criticized the move, saying the bond commission is not the place to bring up social issues, and that the decision will ultimately result in the state paying higher interest rates for infrastructure projects as a result.

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