The Baton Rouge Police Department announces Kenneth Gleason is charged with two counts of second-degree murder in the random deaths of two black men last week that cops had said could be racially motivated. BRPD Interim Police Chief Jonny Dunnam said Gleason is also being charged for allegedly shooting up a black family's home near his parents' house.

"Had there not been a swift conclusion to this case, I feel confident that this killer would have killed again," said Dunnam.

East Baton Rouge DA Hillar Moore said the suspect's DNA was found on shell casings, which he added normally doesn't happen. He said they were initially able to connect the shootings because of the disturbing way each incident unfolded.
"He shoots from the car, then after that person is taken down on the ground, he gets out of the car and apparently stands over the victim after the victim is injured or already dead, and continues to fire," said Moore.
Moore said the suspect allegedly prepared for the killings by purchasing weapons and multiple types of ammunition. He added that while the suspect is innocent until proven guilty, based on the allegations this case would qualify for the death penalty.
"It appears to be cold, calculated, planned," said Moore. "And targeted un-armed, defenseless people."