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Have you ever wagered on the Kentucky Derby Futures Pools that come out each year in the months leading up to each season’s Kentucky Derby?

If you have, you will of course know some stories of bettors that have got on a horse at huge odds that eventually went on to win the Derby, and win those bettors a lot of cash.

But of course, there are some very interesting cautionary tales as well, and here is one for you.

There are so many instances where a horse looks like good value in February or March, then by the time May rolls around, that horse is bad value for the money. Or even worse, the horse gets hurt

Back in 2010, there was a horse that rampaged through his two-year-old campaign unbeaten and came into 2011 as a heavy favorite in the Futures Pools: Uncle Mo.

137th Kentucky Derby - Preview Day
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There was a guy, who had a nickname of “Mo”, that became infatuated with the horse. This person hammered Mo in the Futures Pools at a good value, maybe 8-1, in anticipation of Uncle Mo going off at much lower odds at the Kentucky Derby. That part was smart because the horse went off at 1-10 odds at the Wood Memorial.

But Uncle Mo lost the Wood at those odds, and an infection was discovered that eventually saw the horse scratched from the Kentucky Derby.

Mo’s ticket was now just one of the thousands on the floor as garbage.

But people still love to speculate on the Derby, and there is an interesting pool for the 2022 edition.

Here was the Kentucky Derby Futures Pool 3 list, which was open from February 11-13:

(All horses listed in alphabetical order, not by odds)

● 1) Barber Road 62-1
● 2) Call Me Midnight 55-1
● 3) Chasing Time 25-1
● 4) Classic Causeway 13-1
● 5) Commandperformance 33-1
● 6) Early Voting 19-1
● 7) Emmanuel 15-1
● 8) Epicenter 24-1
● 9) Forbidden Kingdom 18-1
● 10) God of Love 60-1
● 11) Happy Boy Rocket 60-1
● 12) Howling Time 71-1
● 13) In Due Time 36-1
● 14) Major General 31-1
● 15) Make It Big 86-1
● 16) Mo Donegal 14-1
● 17) Pappacap 30-1
● 18) Rattle N Roll 19-1
● 19) Simplification 42-1
● 20) Slow Down Andy 23-1
● 21) Smile Happy 8-1
● 22) White Abarrio 18-1
● 23) Zandon 22-1
● 24) All Other 3-Year-Olds 2-1

What will the next Future Pool 4, which is open March 11-13, and Future Pool 5, which is open March 31-April 2, offer?

It is tough to know, as there are some big races in March. One thing is for sure: it should look very different after the two big weekends in early April as it does now.

“It is inherently tough to wager on the futures of any horse race two or three months out from the race,” a Horse betting magazine spokesperson said. “There are so many things that have yet to happen or injuries that may occur, on the way to the first Saturday in May.

“There are so many instances where a horse looks like good value in February or March, then by the time May rolls around, that horse is bad value for the money. Or even worse, the horse gets hurt. If you have a futures ticket on that horse, you have lost that money: it is a sunk ticket, and you are down before the gates open.

“But–and this is a very interesting but–if you manage to get the eventual winner of the Kentucky Derby in one of the early futures pools, you are almost certainly going to get that wager at much better odds than you would on the day of the race.

“If you are adamant that you like a specific horse, or maybe you like a few or the field bet, you can put some money down on the next two pools, which open March 11 and March 31.”

If you or anyone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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