Was Kodak Black getting busy in a luxury suite at the Florida Panthers hockey game last night?

The Florida rapper was acknowledged by the Florida Panthers during their game vs. the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday night with many (including the NHL) sharing photos of Kodak sitting near the ice with a lady friend.

He would eventually move from his seats near the ice to a luxury suite which is where he caught the eye of a few fans in the audience and millions watching at home.

Twitter user and Panthers season ticket-holder @David954Fla spotted Kodak and his "female companion" in a luxury box in a very risque position as he filmed around the arena. Ironically, you can hear the latest single from ACRAZE titled "Do it To it" while Kodak is seen in what looks like a very NSFW situation.

Once David's video hit social media, it quickly spread like wildfire.

The internet had a lot to say as it looked like Kodak was literally getting it on in front of the thousands in attendance at a professional sports event. What's even crazier is that this freaky activity was going on right next to the luxury box suite where the Florida Panthers brass was seated, as Panthers GM Bill Zito and others can be seen within a few yards of Kodak Black.

To be completely fair, it is very likely that Kodak's female friend was merely twerking on him at the game, which is a theory that has allegedly been proven by other angles of the bump-and-grind activity that has since surfaced on social media.

But the internet did not hold back with the reactions.

An interesting tidbit of information from Twitter user @BizNasty2point0 went viral on Reddit claiming that Kodak was under the impression that the windows on his suite were tinted. This was clearly not the case.

At least it's way better than the "contact lens" theory.

The man who posted the original videos says regardless of what it looks like, Kodak was not actually having sex in the suite.

But perception is reality, right?

For what it's worth, the Panthers ended up winning the game 5-2—so clearly, EVERYONE scored last night.

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