The family of Trayford Pellerin, the family attorney Ronald Haley and community supporters used this Labor day holiday to come together in support to erase police brutality. The demonstration was held outside the Lafayette Police Department headquarters Monday afternoon.

The Pellerin family and supporters were unified in one common message delivered by local activist Jamal Taylor.

What we saw about two weeks ago was a young man shot to death by police officers. What we saw two days ago was police officers physically assault children. There's something broken with our system.

The statement is referring to the shooting of Trayford Pellerin who was shot on August 21 by Lafayette police officers who responded to a disturbance involving a person armed with a knife about two weeks ago and about the alleged assault of two teenagers by LPD outside a bowling alley over the weekend.

Taylor announced several organizations have prepared a march that will take place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on September 11. The march will call attention to police brutality in Louisiana and in the U.S.

Taylor said, "We are better together." He went on to say, "There is something broken with our policing and that's something we need to change."

The two officers involved with the alleged assault of the two teenagers over the weekend have been placed on administrative leave. An internal investigation has been launched.

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