The Lafayette City-Parish Council will have a meeting tonight, and one of the issues on the agenda are rules governing rural areas.  Should there be more regulation in the rural portions of Lafayette Parish?  The subject is beeing put forth by councilmen Kevin Naquin and Jay Castille.  Right now, there are very few regulations on what type of things can be built and where people or businesses can develop those properties.

Naquin and Castille are expected to show their plan to council members tonight.  Part of the plan would regulate what can be done with new developments if it is adjacent to property that is already developed. The plan would make it a regulation that things like buffers zone, fences and trees would be required if a new developer is going to locate their business near an already established business for example.

The vote on final approval of changes is going to take place on August 28th.

Currently, the city of Lafayette has zoning laws in place that dictate what can be built where.  For the unincorporated areas of the parish, no such regulations exist, and the council has repeatedly heard from angry residents lamenting the lack of restrictions to keep objectionable developments from popping up next to their homes.