UPDATE: After an hours-long shutdown, classes at Lafayette High School will resume tomorrow. The school was placed on lockdown after getting an anonymous phone call making a threat to LHS.

Here's the official statement from the Lafayette Parish School System:

Lafayette High was placed on lockdown around 8:55 am this morning after receiving an anonymous phone call making a threat to LHS. The LHS crisis plan went into effect. The Lafayette Police Department along with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's office were notified immediately. Law enforcement officers were dispatched to the school and took over the investigation. Students were safely monitored in their classrooms during this entire time. After the campus was secured, students were escorted to the restroom when needed. Due to the location of the cafeteria, we were unable to safely move students across campus through open areas to provide lunch. School and all activities will resume as normal tomorrow. We want to thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding during this event.

Lafayette High School is under lockdown.

The school is on lockdown due to a threat being made on campus and one person is reportedly in custody. However, that person is not connected with the threat made on campus.

KATC reports that police are not letting anyone on or off-campus as while they investigate the matter.

We will continue to follow this developing story.

UPDATE: Lafayette School Board says that any rumors of an arrest or weapons found on campus are not correct. Please do not share misinformation.