State Police is reminding motorists about the three-foot rule when passing bicycles following a fatal wreck on Saturday in St. Francisville that killed avid bicyclist and East Baton Rouge Metro Councilman Buddy Amoroso. Senior Trooper Bryan Lee says 21-year-old Nicholas Alexander of Lafayette failed to reduce his speed and move over when he attempted to pass Amoroso and another bicyclist on LA 66.

“When you are passing you must allow them at least three feet when you are going around. Mr. Alexander did not do any of that.”

Lee says Alexander was booked into the West Feliciana Parish Jail on several charges, including negligent homicide.

“He did not yield to those bicycles, he did not slow down, and he did not allow them the three feet.”

Amoroso was pronounced dead at the scene, while fellow bicyclist 71-year-old Thomas Clement of St. Gabriel sustained serious injuries. Lee says Amoroso and Clement were wearing helmets and proper biking attire, but Alexander did a poor job of sharing the road.

“It’s a partnership between everybody. If it’s a pedestrian, a motorcyclist, a bicyclist, or just someone stranded on the side of the road we need to pay attention.”

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