Lafayette's own Michelle Citizen hit the jackpot on CBS’s "The Price is Right" with a big win on Monday's episode. Despite dealing with personal loss, Citizen's trip to California, which she nearly canceled, was a life-changing adventure.

According to an exclusive sit down with KLFY News 10, the local resident and Goodwill of Acadiana employee's journey to the show was not without its hurdles. Just a day before her departure, Michelle almost backed out of her trip due to the passing of her aunt. However, encouraged by her husband to proceed with the trip, she traveled with her friend Bella, and it ended up being a decision that would completely shift her spirits in a positive direction. "The day before, I almost didn’t go,” Michelle told KLFY's George Faust. “My husband said, ‘Well, it’s preplanned and, you know, yadda, yadda.’ So I went.”

Once on the show, Michelle's luck began to turn. After a few unsuccessful attempts, she hit it big on her fourth bid on the row. Though she faced a setback in her pricing game, she rebounded in grand fashion when she conquered the Big Wheel, and then went on to clinch the final showcase.

Her impressive haul included a new Mini Cooper, a washer and dryer, a year's supply of Eggland’s Best eggs, a dishwasher, and two self-watering planters. Overwhelmed with emotion during the KLFY feature, Michelle believed her late aunt played a role in her success. “I jumped up, and it was like she came to me. I just felt like my angel was on my shoulder,” she shared during her tearful interview.

Celebrating her victory, Goodwill of Acadiana took to social media to congratulate Michelle, highlighting her as a source of inspiration in the community. Michelle's story reminds us that sometimes, unexpected twists of fate in life can lead us to moments of joy and good fortune.

Lucky for Michelle, she had her angel guiding her all the way to the bank. See her full story here via KLFY.

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