Lafayette Parish School Board member Greg Awbrey joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss school discipline problems.  When asked about the 'Discipline Matrix' Awbrey said,

We've had a discipline matrix for years.  It changes and evolves with the administration and what the school administrators feel like they need.  Like any piece of legislation or rules they tend to get more complicated.  What I think has happened now it has become so complicated is that teachers and administrators are having trouble controlling the classrooms because the students all bounce back to the classroom for any infraction and they know they can take advantage of the system.

We mentioned to Awbrey that Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper recently said he did not do a good job explaining that principals had authority to remove really bad students from the classroom and he replied,

I don't think anybody realized they could remove people from the classroom.  Everybody thought it was 100% in, 100% out and nobody could be removed from the classroom.

We also discussed school security, armed teachers and Dr. Cooper's assistant for maintenance, Thad Welch.  You can hear Mr. Awbrey's comments by listening to the interview:

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