Only in South Louisiana could weather forecasters tell you about a tropical cyclone followed by cooler fall temperatures. That is the exact scenario we will be experiencing in Acadiana today. There is good news and there is better news, first the good news.

Tropical Storm Karen has been downgraded to a tropical depression. The sustained winds in the system no longer meet tropical storm criteria. The tropical low is expected to be absorbed into a cold front that is the subject of our better news.

The cold front that Dave Baker has been telling us to expect for over two weeks has finally  moved through. There will be some patches of drizzle and light rain this morning followed by clearing skies and cooler temperatures. You will certainly notice the cooler temperatures in the morning. The temperature at daybreak tomorrow is expected to be 56 degrees. That is quite a departure from this morning's low of 71.

The outlook for the work week is spectacular as far as weather is concerned.  Afternoon temperatures will begin to warm up by the end of the week but conditions should remain dry. This bodes well for Festivals Acadiens et Creoles in Girard Park beginning Friday.

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