The day after Independence Day, 33-year-old Madelyn Paige Matt of Lafayette learned that she may be losing her freedom for awhile.

What Alleged Crime Did Madelyn Paige Matt Commit?

On June 20, a resident in St. Martin Parish reported several unauthorized credit card charges to the Sheriff's Office. As investigators looked into the allegations, deputies say they found multiple unauthorized transactions had been made over the span of several days.

According to a press release from Sheriff Becket Breaux's Office, the investigation led to Matt, who was arrested on Tuesday, July 5 and has been charged with Felony Theft. Matt now sits in the St. Martin Parish Correctional Center with a bond set at $7,500.00.

Words of Wisdom

How can you avoid having money stolen from you via your debit or credit card? And how should you handle the situation if it does happen to you?

Sheriff Breaux released this statement following the arrest of Matt:

We encourage you to regularly review your bank and credit card statements so that you can detect any unauthorized charges in a timely manner. Should you discover any discrepancies, please report it immediately to your banking institution or credit card agency, along with your local law enforcement agency.

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