The director of the Lafayette Utilities System, Terry Huval, spoke with "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" today about this morning's major announcement about the Fiber To The Home project.  Huval tells KPEL, "We've moved our system to the next level.  We are now providing internet services one gigabit per second.  Our previous maximum was one hundred megabits per second which means one gig is 10 times faster.  And what does that mean the average person?  To the average person it might not mean a lot, but what the difference what it means to businesses.  There are entities in town that are needing more and more internet capacity, and even a hundred megabits a second, what we have been providing here is only found in a handful of communities around the country.  Now we distinguish ourselves as a handful of entities around the world to provide one gigabit a second.  They price will be less than one thousand dollars a month for a business".

City Parish President Joey Durel, commenting in a press release, says, "We have raised the bar in order to make our community a place where technology companies want to locate."  Huval says now businesses in the Hub City will be able to get speeds that are about 20,000 times faster than dial-up internet and more 100 times quicker than the usual broadband hook up.

Terry Huval adds, "Gigabit service from LUS Fiber is one of the most robust Internet offerings on the market today. We built this community network with a promise to the people of Lafayette that we will work hard to provide them with new opportunities through this unique, state-of-the-art fiber technology…and that's just what we've done."

To hear, from Terry Huval, about today's announcement, click below: