Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' we were joined by Lis Wiehl, known as Fox News' 'Legal Lis'.  Wiehl discussed her new book and a court verdict in Steubenville, Ohio that has torn the town apart emotionally.  According to Wiehl,

The case truly is a social media case with photos and videos posted on Facebook by the two boys convicted of raping the 16 year old girl.  Since the verdict two girls have been charged with cyber-bullying because of threats they made against the rape victim.

Wiehl said,

Like the two girls being charged there are those in the community that feel the convicted rapists will be paying for the crime for the rest of their lives without regard to the 16 year old victim and the price she will pay.

Wiehl's first novel, a mystery entitled "A Matter of Trust" came out yesterday and Wiehl says it is so family friendly she had her 15 year old daughter proofread it.  "A Matter of Trust" is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

To learn more about Legal Lis's first novel, "A Matter of Trust" and to hear her comments about the Steubenville,Ohio rape case take a listen to the interview:

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