Add another split to the LHSAA High School Football State Championship Games.

In 2013, principals from schools across Louisiana decided to split the high school football playoffs and state championship games into select and non-select divisions, meaning that private and public schools in the same class could not compete for the same trophy. This made for nine state championship games as opposed to five.

These games were played over three days, Thursday-Saturday, to fit all nine championship games into one weekend.

Well, the LHSAA Executive Committee has decided to change that.

In their annual summer meeting, which began Wednesday and lasts until Friday, the committee members decided to have the select and non-select championship games played on separate weekends, according to our partners at Louisiana Radio Network.
The select school title games will be played on Friday, December  5th and the non-select schools will play their championships at the Mercedez-Benz SuperDome on December 12th and 13th.