There has been an awful lot of news about what happened in Libya over the course of the last few days.  That all comes to a crescendo today with the final Presidential debate that will be based on foreign policy.

Today's news indicates that the White House has been spending time blaming the CIA and intelligence now for their ever changing view on what happened when our ambassador was killed.

Now, we see the President's supporters in the media downplaying what happened in Libya with some pretty startling phrases.  Joe Klein said,

This business about the, you know, the Libya consulate has been like the October mirage - it really isn't an issue.

Also, Helene Cooper of the New York Times chimed in with this statement,

The death of four Americans, which is why while incredibly tragic, is something that I think is peripheral to what's going on right now

Then the White House's David Axelrod has said that there has been no inconsistency from the Obama Administration on the topic of Libya.

What do you think about all of this news and how will it impact the debate tonight?