TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan is going to pay her debt to society by giving some homeless individuals a little help in learning how to play a roll.  Lindsay Lohan has attracted plenty of attention over the last several years with her trips in and out of rehab, and now the actress is fighting to stay out of jail after being accussed of taking a necklace from a store in Venice.

If Lohan is allowed to work off some of her community service in the way she wishes she could be giving acting lessons to women at the Los Angelse Downtowen Women's Center as part of a sentence that would include she perform many hours of community service.  The LA Downtown Women's Center has, as part of its facility, a theater workshop called the Dames Investing in Very Authentic Storytelling, or DIVAS, and tries to get the women to use the theater for expressing themselves. 

TMZ says their sources say the idea of teaching the acting classes appeals to Lohan. Lohan, who was already in trouble, got in more hot water for a probation violation after is was alleged she put on a necklace at a store in California and then attempted to walk out the door with it.  She was also sentenced to 120 days in jail.  Lohan is free on bail and plans to appeal her sentence.