More adults were not acting their age at an NFL football game.

Watch as a Rams fan knocks out two other fans at a game that was held at SoFi Stadium this past Sunday night.

The man with the number one jersey on was swinging away while in the stands and for two other fans, it just was not their night.

We don't know what may have caused this disturbance in the stands, but the man in the number one jersey was not having any of it.

Twitter via 8drian Peterson

After knocking the two other fans out, he calmly walks away from the scene as nothing happened.

Of course, many near this unfortunate incident were filming it, thus I am certain that this man will be easily identified by police.


We have seen more and more altercations in stands since fans have returned after COVID protocols were lifted, but why?

Can't these grown adults just go to the game and enjoy it for what it is? I think you already know the answer to that. And sadly, we'll probably continue to see more fights in stadiums as the season moves on.

I want to also note that another Rams fan continued the assault after one man was out cold by stepping on the man while he just laid there. Here's the still shot of that too.

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