We get calls, emails, DMs, texts, and posts on our social media sites about lost and/or found animals frequently. This one, though, is a first for me.

According to the post on the Ascension Parish Pets & Animals Facebook Page, Misty Wagoner Gill says that her family received a visitor recently.

To be more precise: a pig. A rather large pig, at that.

This porker showed up at the Gill household on or about August 28, 2021, just before Hurricane Ida made its way across the area.

Misty Wagoner Gill via Facebook

This isn't one of those cute "mini" potbelly pigs that were the big rage a few years back; this grunter looks like she is huffing around a few hundred pounds. With its stubby nose, I'm not certain which breed it is: Gascon? Mulefoot? It is not ugly enough to be a Vietnamese Potbelly Pig (I say that in an endearing manner).

Regardless of the breed, many might think "I wonder if it'll make bacon?" It probably would, but this is someone's pet, so get those thoughts gone!

Here's what Gill posted:

I have a pig that showed up at my house the day before the storm. She is still hanging out at my house but we can’t keep her. She’s friendly and likes people and small dogs that like her. If someone is interested in rehoming her please let me know. - Misty Wagoner Gill, Facebook

She's friendly. She likes people. She likes small dogs. And I would bet that she loves corn.

Misty Wagoner Gill via Facebook

I'm not an animal expert, but I would guess that pigs wouldn't roam for more than a few miles. Some studies show that pigs stay within a 2 square mile area, providing there was ample food and water, so I am guessing that her home is nearby. Unless, of course, she was dumped.

Misty Wagoner Gill via Facebook

With all of that being said: if you lost your pig, go get her. If you'd like to give a pig a good, loving home, go get her.

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