The past decade has seen a dramatic increase in brewing and spirits industry. Our state has reaped the many benefits of our agricultural production of raw materials and the inventiveness of entrepreneurs. We have seen small local breweries create beers that have taken the country by storm. Now we are seeing that same kind of growth in other areas of distilled spirits as Bayou Rum has announced plans for nationwide distribution.

Trey Litel  co-founder and President of Bayou Spirits based in Lacassine says his company will be partnering with the Stoli Group out of New York to help distribute their products nationwide.

 What this represents is a national platform so that we can grow our Bayou Rum and this is projected to put us in about 20 states by 2016 and nationwide by 2017.

Litel's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. He went on to say that the partnership came about because of Bayou Rum's commitment to distilling a quality product.

We’re making it from Louisiana sugar cane, we’re bringing rum making back to the United States, where it’s been held captive in the islands. We’re very, very excited about what this represents for our future.

This new agreement with the Stoli Group will begin in 2016 until then the company will continue it's current distribution agreement. Bayou Rum can currently be purchased in seven states. Over the past two years the company's products have earned 65 awards at competitions throughout America and the world.

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